About the band 

Grey Matters was formed back on January 15th 2004. Founding members Ro Shakoor, Brian Thomas and Robert Thomas got together one afternoon for a jam session. The following weekend Harold Boudreau joined the guys  and a few weeks later Grey Matters was formed. Over the next 14 months the boys really bonded and they worked on their repertoire. In February 2007 Grey Matters played their first gig at The Bluffers Yacht Club in Scarbough to rave reviews. In 2008 the band played regularly at different venues through out Whitby & Pickering. The Irish Times and  Melanie Pringles ( twice ), the Wing Shack ( three times ) and they also performed a couple private functions as well. Over the years the boys have had the pleasure of playing with some excellent musicians...Harold Broudeau and Ron Nater just to name a few. Currently the band is thrilled to have Laurence Fontaine as their lead guitarist. Laurence also sings lead vocals on a few of their songs. Laurence has been with the band for five years and has truly become the main force in the band`s classic rock sound. The band also has Rehana Persad on back up vocals and percussion. The band was busy in 2015, playing many different pubs and private venues and they are projecting a very busy year in 2016.